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Missing the point

I received an email yesterday today from Truewell which had my name and 536 others in the “To:” field, effectively exposing all their wouldbe leads to one another. I post it here as an example of the kind of simple mistake companies make before ever even getting the relationship off the ground. Also note the spelling and grammar mistakes throughout.

On Jan 30, 2006, at 3:57 PM, Robert Satrom wrote:
Hi my name is Rob Satrom and I am with TrueWell, Inc. we help ministries with websites and online communities. You had requested some information from us and I am writing you a personal email to see if you had received our automated email with that information (it sometimes goes to your junk email box)? TrueWell is a website builder and service that is really easy to use, it takes the need for technologists out and allows communicators to do what they do best.
Send me an email and tell me a little bit about you and your Ministry, I would like to hear your ministries mission and dream. Our tool has enabled thousands of communicators get there youth and congregation on the Internet with a dynamic site that allows them to not only increase communication but to delegate parts of their website to save them time.

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Where I work we have a day care. Children as young as two begin coming to day care twice a weak for “child development”. Yesterday I noticed again how the teachers are constantly instructing the 2-4 year olds to “stay in line”, “don’t talk… everyone needs to be quiet”, and “let’s all hold hands”.

Now God has blessed me with an elephant’s memory from a young age and a wild ass’s contempt for authority, but bare with me. I DO remember back to as far as age three with clarity. As I watched these children being ushered around like dogs in a dog show, I remembered what I thought at that age:
“Are these people afraid they are going to lose me or something? I am almost as tall as they are… what do they have to fear? Why must I stand in line?… it is the longest path to where we are going! What does being quiet give us besides not frazzling the grey-haired woman up front? I say let us be heard. If I was running this show we would run between rooms so we could have more play time at lunch. Ouch, that hurt… stupid bully. Why is it that I have to stand in line but the social dissidents can do whatever they want? Seems like they would notice how big of a pest he is and make him sit out this one! What is it with this thing of standing up against the wall… are they going to shoot us? Alphabetical… again? That doesn’t fairly distribute the opportunity… is this not a free nation?”

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Christmas brings new gifts, New Years brings a chance to start over. New is fresh, clean. New brings me hope that I can get it right this time. Whether it is building a friendship faithfully with a new acquaintence, taking care of a new tool I am given as a gift, or remembering to watch that new TV series I am interested in, NEW is about starting anew. New chances to succeed, new opportunity to cast off past failures. A new life is available every day because of the blood of Christ which brings forgiveness. Oh, how I wish every day was a new day that I remembered I have been made new in Christ.

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First Entry

So I think this is where most people make a first post and promise frequent posts, interesting commentary, pictures of the family, and all of that. I am not making any promises. In fact, I am so bad at my new years resolution to write more, I am back publishing this entry in order to repost some of my other articles from my previous two attempts this year. Bygones… I am off to the races.

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