Monthly Archives: February 2006

Preparing for Customers

Tonight is my first time in Dunn Bros coffee shop here in Frisco, Texas. Now this is a place that knows how to prepare for customers. These guys have comfortable sofa chairs with stands for laptops that pull right up to you. Towards the back, they have what looks to be a conference table for six. They have free WIFI internet. They have local artwork on the walls for sale. They have a large, clean bathroom. They have a well marked emergency exit in the back. These guys have most everything needed to get me to come back instead of going to my normal chair at Starbucks.

PLUS… they have this beautiful, classy twenty-something singing the most sweet melody in my ear. Alicia Keys like words that inspire me. Raquel Lindemann is easy enough on the eyes to make you pay attention, but dressed appropriately enough to allow you to participate in her music without fear of breaking any of your marriage vows (ask your husbands, ladies). This girl has what it takes to make me order a CD online, follow her to another venue with my daughter in tow, and tell my friends about her. She has prepared for her customers with charmy banter, lyrics that mean something, and music that complements a fantastic voice.

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