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I am in North Carolina at the Web Empowered Church Conference

Last year, I brought Kasper to Texas and put together a little conference for church technologists around the Typo3 Content Management system. This is the main tool I use day in and day out in Web Ministry at the church where I work. Web Empowered Church has also been a major advocate for the use of Typo3 in churches, and was kind enough to sponsor the conference for a second year. WEC is a ministry of The Foundation for Evangelism. So, we are at Lake Junaluska, North Carolina. Beautiful place near Asheville. I hear I am near the Biltmore Estate… but doubt I will be able to see it while here. I am going white water rafting on Saturday with the folks here. Should be interesting considering most of these guys are geeks… so hopefully the guide will do most of the paddling and steering. I fly home Sunday night to an empty house. The girls are hanging out in Natchitoches, La. with Ashley’s parents.

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Running small teams… a different philosophy

Jason Fried Video
A plenary address at the Collaborative Technologies Conference on Tuesday was delivered by Jason Fried, the CEO of 37Signals. His lecture was titled, “Small Is Beautiful.” Here’s the lecture, in its entirety.

I am not a huge fan of Jason Fried in particular (has made some real blunders when commenting on his and others’ blogs), but I sure love 37signals software services. In general I agree with a lot of the philosophy he outlines in the speech… particularly the focus on efficiency, quiet time, trimming the fat (my interpretation). If you are a small company who needs to compete with the big guys, I recommend you listen in.

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History in the Making: PC vs Mac Churches

History in the Making: PC vs Mac Churches
PC churches approach ministry with rules, inflexible systems, illogical methods, death by meetings, etc. Mac churches share life together, have simple structures, and emphasize relationships.

Many of you know I love my Apple 17″ Powerbook Laptop as much as any singular piece of technology I have ever owned. Even though in October she will be three years old, the Tiger still blazes along.

What made me buy-in to throwing out an operating system I had worked on exclusively for 10 years? Well, the above commentary sums it up well; plus one more thing: Reliability! See, it isn’t that Macs (and Mac churches) don’t have problems… because they do. It is that all the Macs that have problems share their problems together… and are able to support one another as they get patched up. With PCs and PC Churches, what is wrong with them is anyone’s guess… because everyone is too busy hiding behind their veils (blue screen of death) to be transparent about the reality of their situation.

Thus, I like my Macs and will never turn back. I do desperately long to be a contributor for a genuine Mac church. When I find one I can assure you I won’t likely leave it for a long time either.

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‘Thirst for Knowledge’ Same as Opium Craving!

Neuroscientists have proposed a simple explanation for the pleasure of grasping a new concept: The brain is getting its fix.

So, that is why I am constantly searching on google wanting my “google fix”. I am coming out of the closet and admitting my Google and Wikipedia addiction right now.

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Is it expensive where you live?

If you are buying a house soon, you should check out Their doing great stuff. I especially liked their recent blog post of a heat map of silicon valley. I wish they would do one of Collin County/Frisco, Texas. As one of the fastest growing counties in the US (and most expensive) and is less than ten years old, I think it would be interesting to see how things are progressing.

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When churches close their doors

As an aside: This blog may end up being more of a rant page than a valuable blog
where you learn anything. Let me apologize to my two readers. Will try to do better.

So, as the two of you know, I work at a church. I love the fact I am somehow contributing to the body of Christ daily with my talents and mad skillz. It isn’t all rosey flowers however. Working for a church which has a last century governance and management model is tough on a GenX’r. How do you think the Emergent Church movement is being fueled?

A month or more ago we had a tough thing or two that happened at our church. Our Music Minister was caught in an affair with a person from another local ministry, presumably having started the flirting in IM and consumating the relationship offline. We were all devastated. Also, a boy who was at our church was taken to jail and accused of serious charges.

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