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Google Calendar

Use Google Calendar. Much like a MacBook, it will make you happy and change the way you do life. Then, share your calendar with me so I will know when you are available to have Starbucks or Skype.
If you don’t have a gmail account yet, you are a loser and lack perspective. Use it… it will save you many headaches from trying to find old emails, fighting spam, and having to delete large emails you don’t yet know are important. I will send you an invite if you can’t get one otherwise. Let me know.

Next, make lifehacker a daily read so you can learn how to use all three tools above and more. They will feed the flame of your lust for more Google services. Consider yourself warned and tempted.

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Web Ministry Idea #2 – YouTube

This is post #2 in a slow going series about Web Ministry. Find post #1 here.

So this should be somewhat obvious, but to do good web ministry you have to go where those who need ministering to are located. Not to say that you need to be comformed to the world, or even blend in. But being relevant is, well relevant to web ministry. Here is a neat thing Community Christian Church did to get a dialog going with a) unbelievers and b) people stuck in legalism/traditionalism.

I think this is the formula for creating viral web videos within a church, regardless of the platform:

  • Create a killer media department (volunteer or otherwise)
  • Create a devout, educated web ministry team
  • Facilitate brainstorming sessions
  • Create a story, script, or storyboard.
  • Shoot it over and over until it feels right… repurpose what you are already creating
  • Spend as much time editing and getting it right as in the above steps
  • Publish not just on your own site but with everyone who will host it
  • All volunteers talk it up where appropriate, in email, at the water cooler, etc.
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How are you?

Found myself in a conversation this morning with a fellow staffer whose husband is depressed. Taking meds but still depressed. In my attempts to encourage her, it occurred to me that her husband doesn’t take his meds regularly enough because he probably thinks if he were a “true believer” then he wouldn’t struggle with feeling down or “depending on anything but Jesus”. We don’t allow ourselves the freedom of being weak, do we? Some guilt-ridden part of our mind whispers “You lack faith if you depend on anything but Jesus. You aren’t as strong a Christian if you need help. Why aren’t you counting your blessings? Surely life isn’t that bad that can’t just pray through it.”

This is a common thing Christians seem to buy into, that our lives should be happy and perfect. And, sometimes they are close, but no life will stay ideal. It isn’t the way God works. Refinement comes by way of the fire and until we are perfected in heaven we’ll always have some remnant of impurities. There is a pressure to make everything appear alright in our lives. What God seems to most enjoy is broken people with contrite hearts and authentic dependency on receiving strength from the Holy Spirit. In an IM with a friend yesterday, I referenced the pressure as:

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Where have you been?

Everywhere and nowhere is the best answer. Truth is I haven’t had much to say. Been focusing a ton of my energy on finding a big whitetail to that will bring some temporal joy.

I have gone hunting but am back for a time. Go again in a week for 24 hours of bliss. Ashley encourages this you know. She sometimes uses it as a negotiating tool, but for the most part she knows my batteries get recharged by being in the woods attempting to rule-over the earth. Not much ruling going on this year, I admit. Outsmarted every way I turned. There is a reason beautiful bucks grow old and die alone, and it is the same reason the one I wanted didn’t present a shot. We aren’t the only mammals with brains thank you very much.

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