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E-zekiel Content Management System Failure

Those of you who build websites know sometimes the things you attempt simply will not work. Either the technology won’t cooperate or it is designed in a way you don’t expect. Once in awhile you come across an infrastructure item that has a bug or an odd behavior. Even less often do you come across a security problem that is a result of poor engineering.

The thing that makes what I am uncovering tonight so worrisome is that the company who provides the service is bound to know it exists. It is too simple to have been missed. As such, I let the company behind E-zekiel know by email that I am publishing this blog entry exactly 48 hours after emailing them. Hopefully they will fix the problem and this will be an artifact of what can go wrong in web programming and nothing more. Otherwise, I *think* we are all free to link to any URL we want and say what we want. For those who might critique that 48 isn’t long enough, I ask that you research the company to see how long they have been running their operations with such a glaring information security problem.

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Web Ministry Idea #3 – Skypecasts

This is post #3 in a slow going series about Web Ministry. Find post #2 here.

I first thought of this when I began using walkie-talkie like voice calling on ICQ back in 1998-99 (remember that Dave?). Back then the social network was hard to discover and the voice quality was incredibly poor. Conferencing was impossible. These days though, we are a few clicks away from multi-person conferencing that rivals the best voice bridges ran by billion dollar corporations. And it seems the muslims have beat us to the punch of providing lessons on their religion whenever someone cares to participate (see picture below).

It seems reasonable to me that an army of well-equipped Christians accustomed to organizing 24-7 prayer chains could loosely-couple a Skypecast ministry together wherein the Gospel is available any time of the day for whomever might inquire. Devils advocates and skeptics welcome. The Bible, when presented authentically and compassionately, speaks for itself.

What do you need to start a Skypecast about Jesus? Well, the Skypecasts page says “You need a computer, a microphone or headset, and Skype version 1.4 or later.” Add to that some determined folks who know the Bible and the grace of God. Ingredients for evangelism at the largest market, town-square, and club available.

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