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Jason Reynolds – CIO

Over the last four years, Stonebriar Community Church has blessed me with the chance to learn web design, agile project management, application development, and most importantly what the inside of a church is really like. I was given opportunity within Web Ministry when there was barely such a thing. For that I am very grateful and am forever changed.

But as I mentioned on my personal blog five days ago, I am returning to my roots in IT Management and going to work for a large church in West Palm Beach, Florida named Christ Fellowship. The role (not the title) will be CIO, with a focus on not just day to day management, but partnering with senior leadership on creating a technology plan that matches their vision for additional multi-campus growth in a region with over 1M lost souls. Palm Beach County, here I come. Christ Fellowship also has dreams of doing their own version of an Internet campus and allowing people to connect online. First up is to put a team together to redo their website in short order while we plan for a bigger web project.

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Digital Web Magazine Article – Stonebriar Community Church Design

Chris Merritt from Pixelight Creative wrote this article for Digital Web Magazine describing the process he used on the Stonebriar redesign. Chris is a great guy and was way more generous to me in the article than I probably deserve.

Overall I am incredibly pleased with the outcome of the site. But l am also glad people are commenting about the good, the bad, and the ugly about the site. It’s the best way for us to get better! As I have said before, no website is perfect or will stay perfect. To all those churches out there struggling to get a new site launched, remember that the most important thing is to get something out there that is better than what you have and then improve it continually over time. Having a great visual design and sturdy front-end coding are great foundations on which to build out your site over time.

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Burned Out Ministry Staff

Cranking away in ministry for sneaking on six years has put me in the position to see a number of people burn out, crack, or quit. Have seen morale failure. Have seen tired wives with exhausted eyes who crave attention from anyone that will offer it. I myself have struggled at points with being a ministryoholic and have seen the impact on my family.

Earlier this week, Terry Storch’s blog pointed me to the Mad Church Disease book project, with accompanying surveys.

Here are some things I like about what the author Anne Jackson is doing with this book:

  • Bringing out the downsides of working in ministry. Too many people think ministry jobs are easy. They are not.
  • Dealing with the real problems that families face as a result of their callings.
  • Uncovering the roots of how ministry staff get into purity problems and become ruined.
  • Providing options (presumably) for people to break an unhealthy cycle early.
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