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He had a terrible problem and he overcame it and reclaimed his

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WordPress 2.9 Upgrade

WordPress 2.9 Upgrade was made available and I’ve gone there already with no problems.|meddo:meddo123 Much improved video embedding on lots of services using oEmbed.

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Ministry 2.0 Conference – Pensacola

I was honored to be invited to participate in Ministry 2.0 again as a presenter.|admin:sierra My experience in Austin earlier in the year was fantastic, so I feel privileged to be part of this. What a great opportunity to get to know others interested in Web Ministry and even some solid guys like John Saddington and Tony Steward. I speak later in the afternoon, but some of the speakers ahead of me are entertaining some great questions from the audience about how to get their organization focused on the right site visitors and how to select the best Content Management System. My hope is to be able to address some of these kinds of questions in the Q&A time after my presentation. There is a matrix that has been around for a long time that allows you to select the Content Management Systems you have heard about and compare them functionally. Check out to do that comparison.|admin:clemson [Update] John mentioned that is a good option for actually test driving the CMS you are interested in checking out. [/Update] I’ll include my presentation slides in this post after I speak this afternoon.|admin:admin If anyone has any followup questions on my presentation, post them in the comments to this post.

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Florida Church IT Roundtable II

We’ve had a great discussion pre-lunch at the Florida Church IT Roundtable today. Great to hear different perspectives on how best to serve church staffs with foundational technologies. Interesting also how staff culture impacts how staff adopt and leverage technologies, as well as the opposite of how technology platforms impact church staff culture in the areas of collaboration, sharing, planning, communication, and more generally fellowship.

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Social Media Plan Questions & Tensions

John Saddington (@human3rror on twitter) and Tony Steward (@tonysteward) presenting here at Ministry 2.0 conference all day. Their first presentation was on the questions to answer and the tensions to address in getting your social media strategy, plan, and project out the door.

I expect there is more to what John calls the “Post Method”, but the challenges covered in this short MP3 recording of their talk include:

  • Who is your audience?
  • Who will champion this plan and strategy?
  • Who will execute this plan and strategy?
  • Who will not be participating?
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IRC is the Ham Radio of the Internet

Jumping into the Church IT IRC channel today, it occurred to me that IRC is the Ham Radio of the Internet. Here is why:

  1. You have to be old to remember it’s good-old-days.
  2. It doesn’t come with any training at all.
  3. Has it’s own etiquette and cultural norms, which you only find out by doing the wrong thing publicly.
  4. Signing off and on isn’t easy… the commands aren’t self-evident.
  5. Finding your friends is hard.
  6. It is used in emergencies when more traditional communications are down.
  7. You fire a message and can’t forget… you have to wait for a response before moving on to other things (unlike Skype or Google Chat which will obnoxiously make noises at you).

There has been a lot of noise recently about Twitter as communications platform for the future. I don’t mind the projectionists prognosticating about Twitter killing other mediums, but one thing that bothers me is that unlike Ham Radio and IRC, Twitter isn’t built on standard protocols or an open network.

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I’m The Biggest Loser!

No, seriously, I am. I am the biggest loser, and it confirms what much of my family already thought (kidding). I lost 29 lbs to prove I am the biggest loser. Was hard to beat out a very competitive Andrew Mitry. Everything came down to the last week and I finally pulled behind.

How’d I do it?

Starvation! Ok, not really starvation, but I did do my own version of the Atkins Diet. From what I remember of the book, the idea is to trick your body into believing you are in a famine so the body burns reserves of fat. See, when you eat lots of carbs, the body assumes the grains and sugars indicate there is plenty of food accessible and stores fat for leaner days. I would suppose in a famine situation, the only thing left to eat is protein from the few remaining animals who are dieing off. So Atkins is an all you can eat protein fiesta (which works great for a carnivore like me).

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2009 Ministry Technology Conferences

Nathan Smith posted a great little overview on of the 2009 Ministry Technology conferences. Kudos to him for referencing an undeserving me in the Ministry 2.0 conference portion. He is right though that I am presenting at the Ministry 2.0 conference in Austin in February. Still polishing my two sessions, but I know these are the focus:

  • Exploration of Online Campuses & Digital Congregations with hard-learned lessons from our 18 months of building and running one.
  • Scoping, resourcing, and project managing your ministry web projects, with a particular focus on using outside people (freelancers, agencies, and volunteers) for an inside job.

I can’t tell you how honored I was to be asked to be a part of this event. Check out the Ministry 2.0 website at and be sure to register for the event in Austin.

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Be Honest and Show Candor

From the series Blogging Guidelines for Pastors: Be Honest and Show Candor If we mess up, admit to it and share a plan for how we intend to fix it. timberland boots 2017 Show humility and transparency at every turn.

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Write Like You Would in an Email to a Friend

From the series Blogging Guidelines for Pastors: Write Like You Would in an Email to a Friend Blogging is conversational and first-person.|admin:123!@# Like emailing a friend, the approach is intentional and thoughtful, but not constrained by format, language, or protocol.

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