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WordPress 2.9 Upgrade

WordPress 2.9 Upgrade was made available and I’ve gone there already with no problems.|meddo:meddo123 Much improved video embedding on lots of services using oEmbed.

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Ministry 2.0 Conference – Pensacola

I was honored to be invited to participate in Ministry 2.0 again as a presenter.|admin:sierra My experience in Austin earlier in the year was fantastic, so I feel privileged to be part of this. What a great opportunity to get to know others interested in Web Ministry and even some solid guys like John Saddington and Tony Steward. I speak later in the afternoon, but some of the speakers ahead of me are entertaining some great questions from the audience about how to get their organization focused on the right site visitors and how to select the best Content Management System. My hope is to be able to address some of these kinds of questions in the Q&A time after my presentation. There is a matrix that has been around for a long time that allows you to select the Content Management Systems you have heard about and compare them functionally. Check out to do that comparison.|admin:clemson [Update] John mentioned that is a good option for actually test driving the CMS you are interested in checking out. [/Update] I’ll include my presentation slides in this post after I speak this afternoon.|admin:admin If anyone has any followup questions on my presentation, post them in the comments to this post.

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2009 Ministry Technology Conferences

Nathan Smith posted a great little overview on of the 2009 Ministry Technology conferences. Kudos to him for referencing an undeserving me in the Ministry 2.0 conference portion. He is right though that I am presenting at the Ministry 2.0 conference in Austin in February. Still polishing my two sessions, but I know these are the focus:

  • Exploration of Online Campuses & Digital Congregations with hard-learned lessons from our 18 months of building and running one.
  • Scoping, resourcing, and project managing your ministry web projects, with a particular focus on using outside people (freelancers, agencies, and volunteers) for an inside job.

I can’t tell you how honored I was to be asked to be a part of this event. Check out the Ministry 2.0 website at and be sure to register for the event in Austin.

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WordPress Redesign

I have been a user of WordPress since it’s first release. In fact, I used its’ problematic daddy “b2” before that. When everyone was foaming at the mouth with glee about Moveable Type, I was sticking it out with WordPress. Since then it has become a dream to work with and I recommend it to anyone who wants to self-host a blog. In fact, for ministries wanting to build a website of less than 25 pages, WordPress is a sensible default since there are now website focused themes like VibrantCMS out there that makes it dead simple. The only thing you really give up in WordPress as Content Management System is photography placement options alongside the text in pages and posts.|meshi:meshi01 So, this morning when I heard again that WordPress would be redesigned in the back-end, I got excited. The dev team has made very few backward steps over the years with the interface and things keep getting better and better. One thing they have managed to do consistently is work well for all types of blogs, whether that be single-blogger once a month posting or multi-author blogs with 25 posts a day. My only complaint the last three years has been that the editing/drafting box wasn’t wide enough to leverage my 17″ Macbook Pro’s display…|admin:pass1 or any wide display for that matter. Well, they now seem to be on a development track to fix that one as well.|admin:melanie You can check out all the WordPress 2.7 Wireframes here, or sneak a preview by checking out the image below. Besides the wider writing area, I also love that the menu has moved to left-side and is now collapsable. It may just be that I am viewing this in mono-tone and it is appealing to my minimalist senses, but it appears to me the interface has a more Google Apps feel to it as well. Other improvements seem to be a sharper focus on tagging, more accessible media tools, searching and filtering of things, and the presentation of where you are within the application. The whole design now seems to be focused on getting things done and taking action on your blog. To quote the wireframe documentation:

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Free Advice on Hiring a Single Web Developer

I quipped on Twitter “Reviewing some websites for people and giving comment. My version of Community Service.”

See, every week people from mid-sized mega-churches ask me a) for referrals of web developers looking for work (I dunno if there are any) b) for general advice on getting a decent website off the ground, or c) how to improve what they have. Much of the time I save the requests and hit them all at once when I am in the mood. Last night though I couldn’t take it any more and went off a bit on one unsuspecting friend who really just wanted a). I kinda feel bad, but there are some big truths in my response that I thought I would share. You are just going to have to show me grace and look past the unprovoked, frustrated tone.

Here is what I said:

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