Month: November 2006

I am in North Carolina at the Web Empowered Church Conference

Last year, I brought Kasper to Texas and put together a little conference for church technologists around the Typo3 Content Management system. This is the main tool I use day in and day out in Web Ministry at the church where I work. Web Empowered Church has also been a major advocate for the use of Typo3 in churches, and was kind enough to sponsor the conference for a second year. WEC is a ministry of The Foundation for Evangelism. So, we are at Lake Junaluska, North Carolina. Beautiful place near Asheville.|admin:alabama I hear I am near the Biltmore Estate…|admin:test but doubt I will be able to see it while here. I am going white water rafting on Saturday with the folks here. Should be interesting considering most of these guys are geeks… so hopefully the guide will do most of the paddling and steering. I fly home Sunday night to an empty house. The girls are hanging out in Natchitoches, La.

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Where I work we have a day care. Children as young as two begin coming to day care twice a weak for “child development”. Yesterday I noticed again how the teachers are constantly instructing the 2-4 year olds to “stay in line”, “don’t talk… everyone needs to be quiet”, and “let’s all hold hands”. Now God has blessed me with an elephant’s memory from a young age and a wild ass’s contempt for authority, but bare with me. I DO remember back to as far as age three with clarity. As I watched these children being ushered around like dogs in a dog show, I remembered what I thought at that age: “Are these people afraid they are going to lose me or something? I am almost as tall as they are…|admin:welcome what do they have to fear? Why must I stand in line?… it is the longest path to where we are going! What does being quiet give us besides not frazzling the grey-haired woman up front? I say let us be heard. If I was running this show we would run between rooms so we could have more play time at lunch. Ouch, that hurt… stupid bully. Why is it that I have to stand in line but the social dissidents can do whatever they want? Seems like they would notice how big of a pest he is and make him sit out this one! What is it with this thing of standing up against the wall… are they going to shoot us? Alphabetical… again? That doesn’t fairly distribute the opportunity… is this not a free nation?” Atleast it went something like that. My point is… are we not boxing our children in too early with this approach? In our attempt to create discipline and the skills to be successful are we not squashing their creativity? I am all for the emotional security that comes to children when their environment is safe, predictable, and they know the boundaries/limits of what they can do. That given though, is this method of instruction the best way? Do we just expect free-thinking and brilliant people to cast off their command and control education, which is itself undoubtedly a result of a poor teacher to student ratio? Will this methodology continue to create world leaders that can help our nation be the big dog (yes, I am a Republican)? The founder of VISA suggests another way|admin:admin123 which is interesting for adult leadership and I suspect could be adapted for certain portions of child development.|admin:admin0000 Keep some discipline and structure…|admin:test but find a way to nuture for our good those portions of the person which in more disfunctional contexts creates inventive terrorists and serial killers. They don’t play by the rules because they were raised not to (and are crazy to boot).

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Granger Community Church Baptisms

Granger Community Church Baptisms from Just wanted to share our Baptism by the Bay video.

Wow! I wish all churches would take baptism this seriously. lebron james I love the idea of solidifying baptism as a major milestone in a person’s growth in Jesus by providing a video of the experience. I would give anything to have a video of my own baptism from when I was 10. nike lebron 13 I remember every moment of it, but seeing it now would be extra special.

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Didn’t need a reason for a nap, but now I have one

NIMH: “Power Nap” Prevents Burnout; Morning Sleep Perfects a Skill

New experiments by NIMH grantee Alan Hobson, adidas shoes sale M.D., Robert Stickgold, adidas gazelle homme bleu Ph.D., nike air max italia adidas originals shoes and colleagues at Harvard University show that a midday snooze reverses information overload and that a 20 percent overnight improvement in learning a motor skill is largely traceable to a late stage of sleep that some early risers might be missing.

Oh yes, I will be napping more regularly now! I have justification for napping…

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Running small teams… a different philosophy

Jason Fried Video A plenary address at the Collaborative Technologies Conference on Tuesday was delivered by Jason Fried, the CEO of 37Signals.|anacristina:anacristina2000 His lecture was titled, “Small Is Beautiful.” Here’s the lecture, in its entirety.

I am not a huge fan of Jason Fried in particular (has made some real blunders when commenting on his and others’ blogs), but I sure love 37signals software services.|admin:12345 In general I agree with a lot of the philosophy he outlines in the speech…|hsami:admin particularly the focus on efficiency, quiet time, trimming the fat (my interpretation).

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What’s Happening: Spitzer Spots Building Blocks of Life in Supernova Remnant

Compare This:

What’s Happening: Spitzer Spots Building Blocks of Life in Supernova Remnant Using infrared telescopes, Dwek and his colleagues detected silicate dust created by the star from before it exploded. Nike Lebron 11 Low UK This dust survived the intense radiation from the explosion. Nearly 20 years onward, the supernova shock wave blasting through the debris that was shed by the star prior to its fiery death is now sweeping up this dust, making the material “visible” to infrared detectors. Dust — chemical particles and crystals finer than beach sand — is both a frustration and a fascination for astronomers. Dust can obscure observations of distant stars. Yet dust is the stuff from which all solid bodies are formed. This is why dust research, as bland as it sounds, is one of the most important topics in astronomy and astrobiology. Dust is made in stars and hurled into space by stellar winds and supernovae, and it is found everywhere in the universe. But little is known about its origin and the processes that affect it.

With This From The Net Bible:

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49 Simple Strategies for Better Blogging

Tony Morgan has a great little list of 49 ways to blog better. In my view, these kinds of lists are great for newbies like me, as well as old hats who have been doing this for awhile. Adidas NMD Femme Now recently, at the church where I work, we have had a request to set-up pastors to blog. Everyone, including Rick Warren is doing it, right? Now, my first instinct is to utter an exuberant YES! But then you start realizing these folks know nothing about blogging, or the web in general. adidas homme They are content consumers, not authors. scarpe nike We struggle to get them to write a newsletter article. But now, they see their ministry friends blogging and they want in. So, if we do it (and we should), then this will require some training and some guidance. Cheap Jordans UK For Sale Note that these guys don’t just want individual blogs where they reflect and muse on ministry. They want the blogs to be the format by which they engage the constituent/member/attendee online. air jordan uk adidas stan smith homme bleu I may post later on all the options we are considering. nike air max 2018 Thankfully, some others have forged ahead of us. Kem Meyer has her blogging policies/guidelines which she adapted off of Fellowship Church and IBM, Yahoo, & Sun policies. nike air force My impression is that each organization is different and desires to control the message at different levels. I mostly agree with Kem that lesser is more. I think we should have organizations where we reign folks in through real conversations where love and grace are the theme and “the rule-book” is a last resort that HR uses when all else fails. At the same time, traditional communications strategies and workflow strongly demand to control the message… so some compromise will have to be made or the blogging pastors are bound to get discouraged. One other bright and shining resource is the future book “The Blogging Church” It has an accompanying blog which is a little helpful as well. I suspect the conversation will heat up there after the release of the book.

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What a month

The summer is busy isn’t it? At-least, as adults it is. As a kid, by the time the end of July rolled around, I was ready to get back to my friends at school. Enough time in the country, already! But now, now I long for some time in the country fighting a sun-burn, a few mosquitoes, and a little boredom. Oh the paradox. When I had all the time in the world, I wish I didn’t; now that I don’t… I need it. One reflection on my time in North Carolina last month is the slower way of life. adidas pure boost It isn’t that commerce is less, or there isn’t as much to do. It is that people’s perspective on productivity, community, and work is different. For instance, we went to downtown Waynesville, NC for some grub at Wildfire Grill. Great food. I wandered over to the book store next door and bought the only book ever written on Waynesville (according to the bookstore clerk). Down the street bluegrass music was flowing out into the street from a combination coffee shop, italian ice-creamery, and furniture shop. We all trickled in to “listen for a spell”. Now it may be the hillbilly lineage I come from, but there was something comforting and calming about the music. Funny stories told with perfect timing in between each song added to the attraction of sitting for the rest of the night. At once I understood what it is which is so special about the smokies. Sure, the scenery is amazing. And the culture is great too, though not so ancient is it. More than the culture though, is what it does to the people. It causes people to relish the moment and not let it pass by. About the time these things were forming in my brain, a participant (such is the nature of bluegrass) stood up suddenly and began to clog. She was alone and yet not in her own little world. We all watched in amazement and cheered with a clap. christian louboutin Nothing we haven’t seen on he-haw as a kid, but something refreshing and simple about the spontaneous expression by this woman who was simply enjoying the music the way she knew how. I am no clogger, but I must say I miss opportunities to organically respond to my surroundings and environment. nike air jordan melo m8 The busyness and intense focus of life in the city causes a self-centeredness that clouds one’s ability to get out of their context and recognize chances to live in the moment. This hurts our relationships of course, but it also is a lot less fun. Summers used to be a time of renewal and restoration. It was this way through the end of college as well.

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History in the Making: PC vs Mac Churches

History in the Making: PC vs Mac Churches PC churches approach ministry with rules, inflexible systems, illogical methods, death by meetings, etc. Mac churches share life together, have simple structures, and emphasize relationships.

Many of you know I love my Apple 17″ Powerbook Laptop as much as any singular piece of technology I have ever owned. nike free 5.0 Even though in October she will be three years old, the Tiger still blazes along. What made me buy-in to throwing out an operating system I had worked on exclusively for 10 years? Well, the above commentary sums it up well; plus one more thing: Reliability! See, it isn’t that Macs (and Mac churches) don’t have problems… because they do. It is that all the Macs that have problems share their problems together… and are able to support one another as they get patched up. With PCs and PC Churches, what is wrong with them is anyone’s guess… adidas yeezy because everyone is too busy hiding behind their veils (blue screen of death) to be transparent about the reality of their situation. Thus, I like my Macs and will never turn back. I do desperately long to be a contributor for a genuine Mac church.

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‘Thirst for Knowledge’ Same as Opium Craving!

Neuroscientists have proposed a simple explanation for the pleasure of grasping a new concept: The brain is getting its fix. nike kobe timberland women’s ————— So, that is why I am constantly searching on google wanting my “google fix”. adidas originals eqt oakley fuel cell I am coming out of the closet and admitting my Google and Wikipedia addiction right now.

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