Month: November 2006

Google Calendar

Use Google Calendar. timberland boots Much like a MacBook, it will make you happy and change the way you do life. Then, share your calendar with me so I will know when you are available to have Starbucks or Skype. adidas stan smith homme noir If you don’t have a gmail account yet, you are a loser and lack perspective. Use it… it will save you many headaches from trying to find old emails, fighting spam, and having to delete large emails you don’t yet know are important. I will send you an invite if you can’t get one otherwise. timberland boots uk Let me know. Next, make lifehacker a daily read so you can learn how to use all three tools above and more. They will feed the flame of your lust for more Google services.

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Is it expensive where you live?

If you are buying a house soon, you should check out Their doing great stuff.|jslart-cat:changeme I especially liked their recent blog post of a heat map of silicon valley.|cwebb:test I wish they would do one of Collin County/Frisco, Texas.

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When churches close their doors

As an aside: This blog may end up being more of a rant page than a valuable blog
where you learn anything.|admin:admin Let me apologize to my two readers. Will try to do better.

So, as the two of you know, I work at a church.|prueba:prueba33 I love the fact I am somehow contributing to the body of Christ daily with my talents and mad skillz. It isn’t all rosey flowers however.|admin:admin Working for a church which has a last century governance and management model is tough on a GenX’r.|admin:12345 How do you think the Emergent Church movement is being fueled?

A month or more ago we had a tough thing or two that happened at our church. Our Music Minister was caught in an affair with a person from another local ministry, presumably having started the flirting in IM and consumating the relationship offline.|admin:test We were all devastated. Also, a boy who was at our church was taken to jail and accused of serious charges.

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Preparing for Customers

Tonight is my first time in Dunn Bros coffee shop here in Frisco, Texas. Now this is a place that knows how to prepare for customers. These guys have comfortable sofa chairs with stands for laptops that pull right up to you. Towards the back, they have what looks to be a conference table for six. They have free WIFI internet. They have local artwork on the walls for sale. They have a large, clean bathroom. They have a well marked emergency exit in the back. These guys have most everything needed to get me to come back instead of going to my normal chair at Starbucks. PLUS… they have this beautiful, classy twenty-something singing the most sweet melody in my ear. Alicia Keys like words that inspire me. Raquel Lindemann is easy enough on the eyes to make you pay attention, but dressed appropriately enough to allow you to participate in her music without fear of breaking any of your marriage vows (ask your husbands, ladies). This girl has what it takes to make me order a CD online, follow her to another venue with my daughter in tow, and tell my friends about her. She has prepared for her customers with charmy banter, lyrics that mean something, and music that complements a fantastic voice. Contrast these two with where I ate tonight. Two doors down sits Marco Pollo Rotisserie. I am calling it right here and now, these guys are the next Soup Nazi. Nahid took my order. She must be from the same South American location where they find the dozen herbs and spices on my chicken, because she is crusty. She does not mean to offend, she is just excited about having been open only three days. I watched as she would take the order at the only cash register, turn around and yell the order to a man standing no more than three feet behind her. “WE NEED A HALF CHICKEN”. I stood in line patiently, and then asked for a half chicken (which was on the menu outside, conveniently placed to draw me inside). “How can I help you?” I respond softly, “Well, I don’t see a half-chicken mixed (dark and white for you northern boys) option on your menu here, but there was one listed outside (for only $4.75 no doubt). I would like that, a glass of water, and one of your rolls please.” A man standing near the wood-fired rotisserie then mumbled something to her in a language I could not detect. She opened the print menu for me… and just about the time I was going to point to what I wanted, she quickly slammed the menu shut (nearly taking off my finger) and said loudly “I got it!”. She then asked “what would you like to drink?”. I said again “A glass of water, please”. She looked at me curiously and said “we don’t have tap water, so that will have to be bottled!” I said “uhhhh” long enough to prevent her from entering it into the cash register. I mean who doesn’t allow their thirsty patrons a drop of water. Isn’t this America? Sure, the glass costs a few cents… but the ice and water costs them almost nothing.|testpersonal:test123 I quipped “no, I will go without”. She confirmed “no $1.75 bottled water (or something like that)?” Through gritted teeth I answered, “NO, thank you”. Then the total came. “$6.22”. You know when your mind races to do the math while you fumble for that extra few dollars you hadn’t planned on, only to not arrive at the answer before the cash slips from your hands to the person behind the counter? Yep, that… that is what happened.|admin:test123 She militantly hands me my remaining change. No receipt. Dare I ask for it? This lady seems serious. “Ummm, would it be possible to get that receipt?” Ah ha! Just what my mind couldn’t think through… $4.75 half chicken plus 25 cent roll plus 8.25% interest DOES NOT equal $6.22. 81 cents are unaccounted for! By the time the chicken arrived at my table for one, I had realized she charged me for the appropriately named “HLF WHITE”. Is this a statement about my color, or is this what was delivered… half white and half dark? Oh wait, this is for half a chicken that is all white.|admin:hello $5.75.|admin:123456a Dare I go on? Yes, I will go on! It proves some people haven’t prepared for customers. See there is more… two orders after mine, Marco Pollo Rotisserie chicken runs out of chicken. Remember, this isn’t fried chicken. We aren’t talking ten minutes ’till the next batch. I hear the manager say “will be about another hour and a half”. No apology, no “you won’t believe this”…|editor:password just the facts. He doesn’t think it is funny. I do. See, according to what I overheard, they need to put 36 chickens on the wood-fired rotisserie every 2 hours in order to keep up with the customer demand. adidas stan smith trainers uk As I sink my teeth into the first bite, tasty juices squirt onto my tongue and my mood changes.|admin:test My giggles at their misfortune turn to concentrated bites as I devour the best chicken I have ever put in my mouth. Boston Market watch out… these guys are coming. They aren’t prepared for customers, true… but the taste takes me to South America instantly. I am lost at a Brazilian bar… music hitting my ear drums making me want to dance to the groove… Nike Air Max 2017 I need a beer! Seriously, they took me somewhere with their chicken… a place I have not gone before… and may not go again, if they don’t better prepare for their customers. Remember, the soup nazi didn’t make it… they closed the doors. These guys won’t make it either unless they get ready for some customers. I won’t refer my friends. I won’t follow them across town for dinner. I won’t subject my family to this kind of incompetence. Yes, the chicken was a dream, but the customer experience was pour. Today, having both a great product and a great experience is a base requirement… which brings me back to Raquel Lindemann and my hot chocolate. Could my experience be any better? Not without sinning. I am calling it right here and now, she is the next big thing coming out of Dallas…

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Christmas brings new gifts, New Years brings a chance to start over.|admin:123456 New is fresh, clean.|admin:12345678 New brings me hope that I can get it right this time.|admin:admin|yzaki:test|miralay:miralay123 Whether it is building a friendship faithfully with a new acquaintence, taking care of a new tool I am given as a gift, or remembering to watch that new TV series I am interested in, NEW is about starting anew.|jingjobs:jingjobsnews2014|da3123:qwerty New chances to succeed, new opportunity to cast off past failures. A new life is available every day because of the blood of Christ which brings forgiveness.

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How are you?

Found myself in a conversation this morning with a fellow staffer whose husband is depressed. Taking meds but still depressed. In my attempts to encourage her, it occurred to me that her husband doesn’t take his meds regularly enough because he probably thinks if he were a “true believer” then he wouldn’t struggle with feeling down or “depending on anything but Jesus”. We don’t allow ourselves the freedom of being weak, do we? Some guilt-ridden part of our mind whispers “You lack faith if you depend on anything but Jesus. You aren’t as strong a Christian if you need help. Why aren’t you counting your blessings? Surely life isn’t that bad that can’t just pray through it.” This is a common thing Christians seem to buy into, that our lives should be happy and perfect.|admin:admin And, sometimes they are close, but no life will stay ideal. It isn’t the way God works. Refinement comes by way of the fire and until we are perfected in heaven we’ll always have some remnant of impurities. There is a pressure to make everything appear alright in our lives. What God seems to most enjoy is broken people with contrite hearts and authentic dependency on receiving strength from the Holy Spirit. In an IM with a friend yesterday, I referenced the pressure as:

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Where have you been?

Everywhere and nowhere is the best answer. Truth is I haven’t had much to say. Been focusing a ton of my energy on finding a big whitetail to that will bring some temporal joy. I have gone hunting but am back for a time. Go again in a week for 24 hours of bliss. Ashley encourages this you know. She sometimes uses it as a negotiating tool, but for the most part she knows my batteries get recharged by being in the woods attempting to rule-over the earth. Not much ruling going on this year, I admit.|admin:admin2012 Outsmarted every way I turned. There is a reason beautiful bucks grow old and die alone, and it is the same reason the one I wanted didn’t present a shot. We aren’t the only mammals with brains thank you very much.|naruto:naruto123 Over the last few days though, more and more non-hunting things are coming to mind, so I thought I would start the rambling again. Been working pretty hard at being the dad I need to be and the husband I want to be. Also, the job isn’t what it once was. More interested in my web marketing and consulting clients than what pays most of my bills. The opportunity seems to be there to go it alone and start an interactive agency. Yes I know the stat which says 90% of small businesses fail in the first two years. Still, I have been in the top 10 percent in most everything I have done in my life, and I am thinking that with reliance on a higher power I might could make it. More reflections to come as I work through things. Thanks for your patience as I get back in the habit of writing and telling my stories.

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First Entry

So I think this is where most people make a first post and promise frequent posts, interesting commentary, pictures of the family, and all of that.|admin:123456|admin:password I am not making any promises.|admin:woaini1314|admin:admin|jblack:jblack44 In fact, I am so bad at my new years resolution to write more, I am back publishing this entry in order to repost some of my other articles from my previous two attempts this year.|corey:test|keralite:azerty|admin:admin Bygones…

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