Month: December 2006

Web Ministry Idea #2 – YouTube

This is post #2 in a slow going series about Web Ministry. Find post #1 here.

So this should be somewhat obvious, but to do good web ministry you have to go where those who need ministering to are located. Not to say that you need to be comformed to the world, or even blend in. But being relevant is, well relevant to web ministry. Here is a neat thing Community Christian Church did to get a dialog going with a) unbelievers and b) people stuck in legalism/traditionalism.

I think this is the formula for creating viral web videos within a church, regardless of the platform:

  • Create a killer media department (volunteer or otherwise)
  • Create a devout, educated web ministry team
  • Facilitate brainstorming sessions
  • Create a story, script, or storyboard.
  • Shoot it over and over until it feels right… repurpose what you are already creating
  • Spend as much time editing and getting it right as in the above steps
  • Publish not just on your own site but with everyone who will host it
  • All volunteers talk it up where appropriate, in email, at the water cooler, etc.
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