Month: August 2009

I’m The Biggest Loser!

No, seriously, I am. I am the biggest loser, and it confirms what much of my family already thought (kidding). I lost 29 lbs to prove I am the biggest loser. Was hard to beat out a very competitive Andrew Mitry. Everything came down to the last week and I finally pulled behind.

How’d I do it?

Starvation! Ok, not really starvation, but I did do my own version of the Atkins Diet. From what I remember of the book, the idea is to trick your body into believing you are in a famine so the body burns reserves of fat. See, when you eat lots of carbs, the body assumes the grains and sugars indicate there is plenty of food accessible and stores fat for leaner days. I would suppose in a famine situation, the only thing left to eat is protein from the few remaining animals who are dieing off. So Atkins is an all you can eat protein fiesta (which works great for a carnivore like me).

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