Blogging Guidelines for Pastors

Going on a year and half ago I wrote up some simple pastoral blogging guidelines for the church where I was working. I recently found the doc on some old back-up disk and thought you might be interested in discussing these and maybe even passing them along to pastors who are just starting to blog.

A few disclaimers before I begin this Blogging Guidelines for Pastors series.

1. These guidelines weren’t meant to be policies or rules to give the blogger a code of conduct or a set of boundaries. Kem Meyer covers that as well as I have seen it. Instead, these were all written to be encouraging pieces of wisdom and best practice. In fact, the document was originally titled “Audience Guidelines” since they focus so much on the reader.

2. I am not saying I have done all of these successfully. Have I done any of these successful? Oh, just do what I say and not what I do. I am sure they would work if I blogged often enough to try them out.

3. I *could* be infringing on the copyright of fine books such as The Blogging Church by Terry Storch, Robert Scoble’s book Naked Conversations, and any number of posts by Copyblogger and Darren Rowse over at Problogger. I say COULD because I simply don’t remember how much of these ideas were mine and how much I retrieved. Around 24-36 months ago I was fascinated by enterprise blogging and the prospects of ministry blogging, so I read everything I could. I imagine now that I regurgitated these guidelines from what I was consumed with then. Apologies in advance for any infringement and please ask me to remove egregious portions.

Legalities out of the way, here is how this will work. I will post a short guideline every business day for the next two weeks for us to ponder. If there are actually any readers out there, please comment on the impact of these for pastors and ministries so we can all learn together. Most of these you might say “duh” to because you are saturated in this stuff, but remember these are for pastors who may just be getting started with blogging or who may need a reminder about what their audience needs. Maybe I didn’t cover the whole story. Please jump in and add your bits of wisdom.

  1. Blogging Guideline: Write Like You Would in an Email to a Friend
  2. Blogging Guideline: Be Authentic and Real
  3. Blogging Guideline: Be Honest and Show Candor
  4. Blogging Guideline: Ask “How Does This Post Help the Reader?”
  5. Blogging Guideline: Write About What You Know and Love
  6. Blogging Guideline: Extend the Relationship in Every Post
  7. Blogging Guideline: Remember the Audience
  8. Blogging Guideline: Tell Repeatable Stories
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  1. Clif Guy says:

    I’m here. RSS is a beautiful thing. It tells me when you post, even if you haven’t posted for a long time!

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