History in the Making: PC vs Mac Churches

History in the Making: PC vs Mac Churches PC churches approach ministry with rules, inflexible systems, illogical methods, death by meetings, etc. Mac churches share life together, have simple structures, and emphasize relationships.

Many of you know I love my Apple 17″ Powerbook Laptop as much as any singular piece of technology I have ever owned. nike free 5.0 Even though in October she will be three years old, the Tiger still blazes along. What made me buy-in to throwing out an operating system I had worked on exclusively for 10 years? Well, the above commentary sums it up well; plus one more thing: Reliability! See, it isn’t that Macs (and Mac churches) don’t have problems… because they do. It is that all the Macs that have problems share their problems together… and are able to support one another as they get patched up. With PCs and PC Churches, what is wrong with them is anyone’s guess… adidas yeezy because everyone is too busy hiding behind their veils (blue screen of death) to be transparent about the reality of their situation. Thus, I like my Macs and will never turn back. I do desperately long to be a contributor for a genuine Mac church.

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3 comments on “History in the Making: PC vs Mac Churches
  1. Blake says:

    So help me out. I’ve been a PC man for all my life except for when I used to one a Commodore in junior high and when the Macs were the easiest computers to get to in the MSU Computer lab next to my dorm. So 98% of all my computing experience has been PC.

    Why should I switch? And more than the usual “It’s cooler; it’s sexier; never crashes” sort of thing. Can I still network w/ the other PC’s here at my church? I’m thinking of a MacBook for the office and eventually I’ll get a new one at home, so maybe a iMac or MacBook there too.

    I don’t want to do it just to be “cool”, but want to know that I’ll never look back w/ regret.

  2. Jason says:

    Blake, computers like Churches are sometimes about preference and sometimes about principles. Fortunately, you get to decide for yourself which are your preferences and which are your principles. The aggregate of the two is what helps us make our decision. With the Mac decision, only you can decide which variable is which.

    For my part, having a tool which is reliable is a principle. I don’t buy cheap (cheaply made/designed) guns, bikes, gear, houses, cars, or anything else. I am hard on things, and thus I buy quality when I buy. For things I purchase, tolerating problems and just “getting by” is something that compromises my principles.

    Memory leaks, frequest reboots (I reboot once every three weeks), viruses, corrupted DLLs, hokey license schemes & upgrade paths, installation of countless drivers you need, privacy envading terms of use, and uninstalling things you don’t need are for some people a mere inconvenience that isn’t a preference.

    Another variable to consider however is your happiness. Not so much a principle as a preference, happiness brings a lot of benefits which should not be understated. Macs (the new OS X variety) make a ton of people happy. What makes me so happy?

    I am 30-50% faster on a Mac than I was in Windows doing a comparable task. Also, it makes me happy to recapture 3 minutes a day of my time switching between windows 150 times. It makes me happy to not have to wait on email to send or receive. It makes me happy to be able to install something without taking the time to reboot. It makes me happy to not have to worry my computer will be taken over by a 16 year old Russian kid… and it saves me the time of having to rebuild my box.

    Why switch? Cause there is a 99% chance you will be happier.

  3. Glen Clark says:

    I am a Mac man. But my church is PC. The main reason is a couple applications that they need and can not run on a Mac. Web development on a Mac is very frustration. The development is sweet. It is the fact that I have to test on IE 7.0
    and most of what I build and get working on Safari is broken under IE. I may have to get a PC laptop to do my testing and support.

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