2009 Ministry Technology Conferences

Nathan Smith posted a great little overview on Godbit.com of the 2009 Ministry Technology conferences. Kudos to him for referencing an undeserving me in the Ministry 2.0 conference portion. He is right though that I am presenting at the Ministry 2.0 conference in Austin in February. Still polishing my two sessions, but I know these are the focus:

  • Exploration of Online Campuses & Digital Congregations with hard-learned lessons from our 18 months of building and running one.
  • Scoping, resourcing, and project managing your ministry web projects, with a particular focus on using outside people (freelancers, agencies, and volunteers) for an inside job.

I can’t tell you how honored I was to be asked to be a part of this event. Check out the Ministry 2.0 website at http://www.ministry2.org/ and be sure to register for the event in Austin.

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