I’m The Biggest Loser!

No, seriously, I am. I am the biggest loser, and it confirms what much of my family already thought (kidding). I lost 29 lbs to prove I am the biggest loser. Was hard to beat out a very competitive Andrew Mitry. Everything came down to the last week and I finally pulled behind.

How’d I do it?

Starvation! Ok, not really starvation, but I did do my own version of the Atkins Diet. From what I remember of the book, the idea is to trick your body into believing you are in a famine so the body burns reserves of fat. See, when you eat lots of carbs, the body assumes the grains and sugars indicate there is plenty of food accessible and stores fat for leaner days. I would suppose in a famine situation, the only thing left to eat is protein from the few remaining animals who are dieing off. So Atkins is an all you can eat protein fiesta (which works great for a carnivore like me).

Food Tastes Change

The Church IT Biggest Loser contest was a jump start to help me get in shape again. I still have a long way to go to get back to a level of fitness that allows me to dominate sports made for tall skinny people. But, an interesting thing happened in the process of doing away with sugar, soda, and carbs. My taste changed. I grew up gagging on vegetables, all things salad, and pretty much anything mushy. Stayed that way until this year, and then I started branching out and tasting foods I hated. Sort of a form of punishment and I still had a hard time choking down vegetables, soft cheeses, etc. Because during the last 14 weeks in this contest I gave up the carbs I love, my tastes h0ave changed and I now like green beans, peanuts, salad, eggs sunny side up, cottage cheese, squash, avocado, and mixed green salads (but not all together at the same time).

Swim Like You Like It

Besides changing my carb intake to less than 20 grams a day, I started swimming three times a week for up to a half mile. Not really a swimming type guy; it always seemed like a sport for girls who couldn’t run or guys who wanted to wear next to nothing. What I knew though was that at 6’4″ and 268 lbs, I was too heavy to do traditional exercise and not be injured. So, I got in the pool. I tried once without goggles, nose clip, and ear plugs, but that didn’t last more than a few laps. The next time I was ready to go. It took two weeks to really start enjoying swimming, but it was probably the biggest contributing factor in kicking my metabolism back in gear so I could really drop some pounds and keep losing. It will definitely be part of my routine as I branch out into more Cycling, Sand Volleyball, Basketball, and Elliptical Trainer now.

Congratulations To All The Biggest Loser Contestants

Well, I have a bunch more fitness stuff ahead of me, but those updates will go on my personal blog. Let me congratulate all the people who attacked the CITRT Biggest Loser Contest and lost some weight. It isn’t so much about winning as it is about a camaraderie of the saints/sufferers. And if you are looking for some motivation to get in shape, just look at your kids and ask yourself “What kind of big loser will they think of me as?”

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