Indescribable Louie Giglio

The Indescribable talk by Louie Giglio has to be one of my favorite talks of his. I was at the first Passion Conference in Austin. I was at the second Passion Conference. I was at the third Passion Conference. I have heard him speak since then… and still consider myself part of the 268Generation (though he and his staff may not include me in that).

I was with him way back at Baylor when he had Choice ministries and spoke every Monday night in Waco, Texas. I went through a small seminar at Baylor with Louie called “The Spiral of Sin and Temptation”, which forever changed my view of sin and depravity. Various roomates and friends have had closer, mentoring like relationships with Louie. Meaning, he doesn’t know me, but I know Louie Giglio talks… and this is one of the best. My understanding was that it was part of the Indescribable tour.

As of 08/01/06, you can still find a flash video of the talk on the Northpoint Community Church sermons page toward the bottom. If you want to get a sense of how BIG God is, check it out.

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