Web Ministry ideas the summary

In the remainder of August and possibly into September I plan to post “web ministry” ideas which have crossed my mind at various points. I can’t guarantee they are all original or have never been done, but only that they are not mainstream and common. I imagine there will be an aggregate of church and parachurch focused ideas, as well as ideas that work better for specific audiences within a constituent base. In other words, these ideas won’t be all things to all people and will not fit every ministries’ strategy, style, or culture. I have created a tag/category called “web ministry”, so click on it to see all my postings on the topic. Also, please feel free to comment on the ideas, make suggestions, or generally call me out on something that is too idealistic. Check back soon!

[Update: I am having to republish this because I am such an amateur that I deleted the article accidently when managing a comment. Thanks to technorati for helping me recover what ended up being egg on the face anyway. See my follow up post here.]

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  1. […] September Jason04:22 pm1 Comment This is idea #1 in my series on web ministry. Follow the trail to #2 here. Much of what is required in web ministry is creating new channels with which to connect with people. I am of the opinion that you must go where the people are. Like the roots of a hardy plant should our projects in web ministry be. […]

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