Hover Mower – My kind of work!

Toolmonger.com, which is fast becoming one of my favorite leisure sites, has the Hover Mower review:

The HoverMower floats effortlessly on a cushion of air; Without any wheels it mows in any direction following the contour of the land. It hovers with ease on lake banks, slopes, wet grounds, sand and retaining walls. It cuts and mulches tall, wet grass for a clean professional look. The new 4-cycle engine is light and specially designed for continuous incline operation.

Now, that sounds like my kind of mower. I like riding lawn mowers, but they normally have grass clipping hovermower.jpgcollection bags that you have to get off and empty… which requires sweat. The nice thing about this is that a little girl (mine in fact) could use it at a fairly young age… though I might suggest some kind of guard around the outside edge. I think I will introduce my neighbors to child labor in a few years. We’ll call it allowance money!

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