Web Video for Churches-The Future?

For a few weeks I have been pondering a post about the various options for ministries wanting to distribute video via the web. Looks like Bill Seaver and Greg Atkinson may beat me to it with a comprehensive look… which is great because I never felt good about the post anyway. Not really an expert on the topic. Even so, let me point to a few things I have been keeping tabs on after my time at NRB.

Having been an avid YouTube lurker since it’s start, I am fascinated by the concept that churches could use video they are already creating, or that well-trained servants produce, to engage new and interesting people in a discussion that may eventually open the person to Jesus. NRB, though attended by a strange mix of blue-haired comb-overs and over-confident Millennials, connected me with a number of interesting projects and people I had not been aware of before (including the microexplosion blog referenced above).

iquestions.com, which I mentioned before, is an interesting video project. I think they need more of a user-contributed video focus and less “subject matter expert” advice to gain critical mass. They seem to be well-funded though, so it may be a question of which audience segment are they trying to reach. They use some cool technology for the backend of the site, and the design is pretty sweet too.

I met up with GodTube.com at NRB as well. Great hearts behind this one and I really want them to be successful. Built from scratch, their technology seems to have missed some key components, like a profanity filter and possibly comment spam prevention to name a few. These are hurdles they can climb though, and being a clone of YouTube (focused on ministries) isn’t a horrible idea since many churches may want to experiment on GodTube before branching out into more secular venues where their messages will be attacked more viciously.

Erwin McManus was the keynote speaker of the REACH track at NRB. His church site is interesting on a number of fronts, but this description of his video production tools turned me on to Viddyup and the iTunes Lame Encoder. Watch one of their videos to see what kind of quality these tools put out. Amazing!

Another seemingly smart guy I stumbled on through some clicking through NRB links is Maurilio Amorim. He doesn’t have many posts yet, but hopefully he will get going and teach us all some things.

The last NRB nugget I will mention is WiredParish.com. Looks like they have a podcasting revenue model tied to their site, but there are some nice freebies like this blog post series about the top 10 podcasting mistakes. Brad Abare is the one who gave me the heads up on WiredParish, so credit is due there.

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