Why I Created a New Site and Moved My Posts

The Reason for the Move

The reason for moving is simple, really. My wife asked to make the other site pink. I started that other blog to get some things off my chest. It was supposed to be purely personal and focused on my interests. I learned over time though my interest is business, my passion is people, and my playground is ministry. Sure, I love my hobbies and writing about things most people don’t cover. I’ll just keep the more personal stuff over there now (along with heaps of family photos and maybe a few comments from my lovely wife), and blog about business, ministry, technology, and web marketing over here.

What I Hope to Do Here

When it comes down to it, I want to have conversations with people who also want to see blogging and digital communities make a difference in our world. Whether it be presidential campaigns, saving the earth, or making people happy, I want to invest time in virtual spaces with people who I might learn something from. With some careful listening and well-time words, I might even contribute something to the journey someone else is taking. I believe web marketing and web technology are tools we can use to improve our lives and our children’s lives. When tethered together in a network, the natively impersonal device of a computer becomes a seat at the table of a global conversation that was never possible before. I want to help others contribute something meaningful while at the table. We each have a voice, so let’s use it and the tools we have at our disposal.

The Blogging Engine

To be honest, this version of the site is a temporary landing spot while I learn Expression Engine and have a theme built. Don’t get me wrong, I love WordPress. I build four or five blogging sites for others with it every year. In fact, thanks to a pre-made template (more below), I built this site in less than 2 hours… including the transferring of my old posts. WordPress isn’t a real content management system… It’s a blogging platform. It has treated me well for a very long time. And I will stay with it on my personal blog. I have just found it to be a bit limiting when I want to do things like run communities, integrate third-party (non WordPress) applications, and manage custom pages with the accompanying back end forms. Plus, Expression Engine is cool and seems to be very well supported these days. I need to learn it and be challenged by something more capable.

The Design

I have had my eye on this minimalist design for a long time. It just suits me. I am more words than looks. What I care about is the truth, not the packaging. My hope is that you can find what you need here, and come back and find it again in the future. As such, I have changed my url scheme to domainname/blog-title. My thinking is that it will make the move to other platforms painless for others who might decide to follow this blog. Also, I have burned my feeds with feedburner this go round to give them the headache of keeping up with the standards and the various readers people are using these days. Lastly, I have cut out quite a few categories that aren’t really relevant for this blog anyway.

That is it for now! I will post another post in the next few days with credits to all the stuff that helped me get this blog up tonight. I’ll also be tweaking this design is subtle ways that make me happy. Until then.

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One comment on “Why I Created a New Site and Moved My Posts
  1. Brett says:

    Sorry, this should have been posted here:

    Brother, I love the new design. It is obvious that you have spent much energies and passions on this endeavor. I congratulate you…it is incredible! I love the changing pictures on the home site and the picture tabs for the different sections throughout.

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