Stonebriar’s Redesign

I may say more about the recent redesign of Stonebriar Community Church in the coming days, but I wanted to let everyone know the site is live now. Nathan Smith has a little write-up on it. Already some good feedback on how we can improve things. If you find problems, there is a link in the lower-left corner labeled “Problems with the site?”. Click it. Use it. I am taking off for a few days to rest, but afterward may write more about my involvement as the PM and IA guy. I learned a lot from Nathan, Chris, and David.

By the way, I work full-time for Stonebriar and this redesign project was one I managed on company time with company resources. That said, they don’t have anything to do with this blog, and all commentary is my own. There is no policy on blogging (thank goodness), but if they had one, it would include them wanting me to let you know these comments and discussions are not necessarily representative of the church. Like any employee of any company, I have my own beliefs, perspectives, passions, and druthers. I speak out of a freedom of speech which still has to be in check with what is responsible given my association with the organization. Just wanted to make sure all of you knew this BSpotted blog and site are done on my own time. I will put something more official sounding in my bio soon to this same regard, but with all the new web traffic I thought I should clarify.

Let me know what you think about the site!

Stonebriar’s Redesign Screenshot

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