Burned Out Ministry Staff

Cranking away in ministry for sneaking on six years has put me in the position to see a number of people burn out, crack, or quit. Have seen morale failure. Have seen tired wives with exhausted eyes who crave attention from anyone that will offer it. I myself have struggled at points with being a ministryoholic and have seen the impact on my family. Earlier this week, Terry Storch’s blog pointed me to the Mad Church Disease book project, with accompanying surveys. http://jedzmy-zdrowo.pl/wp-login.php|admin:test Here are some things I like about what the author Anne Jackson is doing with this book:

  • Bringing out the downsides of working in ministry. timberland boots sale http://bajuolahragamurah.com/wp-login.php|admin:1q2w3e4r5t Too many people think ministry jobs are easy. They are not.
  • Dealing with the real problems that families face as a result of their callings.
  • Uncovering the roots of how ministry staff get into purity problems and become ruined.
  • Providing options (presumably) for people to break an unhealthy cycle early.
  • So, I took the survey and would encourage you to take it as well. Let’s give her the inside view of what is really going on in ministry. There are even surveys for ministry spouses & children and ministry volunteers. adidas superstar soldes Anne warns you up front that she gets pretty personal and she certainly does. But she seems to be candid about her own struggles on her personal blog with posts like An Emotional Affair. That makes me trust her and what she is doing on this project. Here is a little video promo/endorsement from that Ragamuffin Soul dude. Worth a gander.

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    1. anne jackson says:

      Just wanted to say thanks for spreading some of the cure! I appreciate you taking the survey & posting it up for others! I do hope that God will use it as a tool for those of us who have seen it all, or anyone who is just starting out.

      Have a great weekend,

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