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As many of you who follow my blog know, I am slowing down on my posting here as I am transitioning out of building sites & applications (on the side and during the day job). I’m moving back into leading IT teams and projects and interfacing with executives, and that means my focus is shifting in life and in technology. This is a great move for me, but I am realizing I never really accomplished what I wanted to with this blog. I had hoped to give churches a resource for making decisions about the internet and software, and also to reduce the demand for my time by other churches who daily reach out to me for help (selfish, I know). Some of that happened, but not to the extent I was capable of. Sometimes we are left with regrets like this that we can’t go back and correct.|super:test In this case, it was a personal choice to not prioritize blogging more than I have.|admin:password Thankfully, others have stepped up to more than take up the slack and do it a lot more succintly than I can.|admin:159357 As always, the Lord provides (see the far sidebar of this site). So now I am rethinking the kind of blogging I want to do moving forward. I really love the stuff David Drinnon and other IT leaders bring out about how giga-churches make decisions about technology and manage the change that comes with it. There are so many great guys dealing with the trees in Church IT that I may attempt to look at the IT Ministry from a satellite perspective. As I begin to wrestle with the realities of life in a church where the money is available and the leadership understands the importance of using technology as a foundation for ministry, the opportunities and responsibility shift to doing things that haven’t been done before in the Church IT microcosm. Why? Well, because my new church is doing most of the regular IT stuff really well (don’t look at the web site though). While I *think* i’m up for doing something extraordinary, I am not positive I can paint the pictures and form the words needed sell the vision to leadership and to the stakeholders who have to live with this stuff. Maybe my writing more blogs and your feedback can help draw that out of me and refine the story, I dunno. Previously this blog has not had a strong set of commenters, probably because I haven’t prompted you with stuff that was seeking input. But as I process what I can do that will help others and help myself, one thing I know will change is the length of my posts and the frequency of posts. More posts, less words. I rarily talk personally about my blogging. People who blog about their blogging always kind of bug me because it seems so imbred. But I felt like letting everyone know what is going on with me is only fair since people may begin to think this is a dead blog. Its fate is not yet known, but I won’t be shutting up anytime soon.

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  1. Man, can’t believe you swiped my “giga-church” line without giving me credit! Oh well, now that you have used it it will become popular! 🙂 I hope the new job is going well. I could not make out just what you are planning on blogging about, but it’ll be good I’m sure. Take care brother!

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