Two Church IT Roundtable Goodies

Worship Tunes

For those of you following the IT Roundtable going on at COR this mid-week, listen to the linked file below to see what cool worship you missed out on last evening. This is totally bootleg I admit. Grabbed it with two clicks on my Mac during the song. I would give attribution for their work, but I frankly couldn’t remember anything else after a great day of fantastic discussion. Someone else help me out with their name and summary/link of the church where they play. Was a neat vibe. Church IT Roundtable Worship mp3.

National Church IT Association

Also, we will be talking at some point in the day Thursday about the prospects of a national IT association.|admin:123123 Since I won’t be able to stay the whole afternoon and could miss the discussion, I thought I would link back to a post I did on the subject a long while ago title What Ministry Technology, Church IT, and Web Ministry People Have in Common. My feelings haven’t changed too too much, but let me summarize my main points:

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3 comments on “Two Church IT Roundtable Goodies
  1. Clif Guy says:

    Music was by the worship band at my wife’s church. The church is Living Water Christian Church in Parkville, MO. The band is called Fusion 112.

    Here’s a better recording of the same song:

  2. Clif Guy says:

    Regarding ICTA, ICCM, CMAonline, and NTEN:

    Have you gotten involved in any of these? How did you discover them? How should we connect with them? Do their missions overlap significantly with ours? Are they ongoing? Do they have momentum?

    Tell me more.

  3. Tony Dye says:

    Jason, I wish I had good ideas for how to bring all these different technology organizations/groups/whatever together, or at least for us all to find out about all the options. I’ve stumbled across many of those same ones you mention. I like your term “glue.” Is bitshepherd doing the job?

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