Absurd Length of Absence

The new job in Florida has been my only non-family focus since arriving here 8 months ago, and it has been an embarrassingly absurd length of time since I have contributed anything to the church technology world. Hoping to get back in the swing of things with blogging and share with everyone some of the stuff we have worked on since my arrival. Won’t be long now, so check back in the next two weeks while I develop a discipline of giving back. While this is way cooler than anything we have done, and the ministry impact is next to nothing, but here is some sweet action to get your mind racing with your own Macbook [Pro] mod: 

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5 comments on “Absurd Length of Absence
  1. Clif Guy says:

    Welcome back to the blogosphere. (I’ll reply to your e-mail soon!)

  2. Interestingly enough, I was thinking about you yesterday. I am excited to see you ‘back’! I look forward to hearing more about your adventures as CIO.

  3. Nathan Smith says:

    Good to see you back in the saddle. Looking forward to your future impartations of garnered wisdom.

  4. I just did a post about wed. being my first full year of blogging. I mentioned that now that I have 2 blogs, churchIThelp.com and dontfeedthegeek.com, I think it is ironic that the man who got me blogging rarely blogs himself anymore. I’m glad to see you post something and I will be checking back to make sure you do it! Seriously dude, with your new job your insights could be of great value out there. Keep on blogging baby! Glad to see you back blogging………… I hope. Don’t forget the cartoon version of you is still out there. Don’t make me bring back the character to shame you into blogging. 🙂 BarryB

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