Musical Computers and Rotating Out Old Computers

BOTTOM LINE: Get rid of old computers before they get rid of you. 

A challenge I immediately saw upon beginning work at this church was that they were understaffed in the desktop and network support areas. They had two (count them) people supporting 90+ computers and 45+ checkin machines. We quickly hired a third person, but our helpdesk resolution average continued to push five business days. One of the things that exacerbates the lengthy resolution time is that 50+ user computers are over 4 years old. We immediately set out to get budget to replace between 33-45% of user computers in 2008 with Macs (more on that in a later post).

So as we have begun to take some computers out of circulation, we are getting more and more people interested in computers that for all intents and purposes should be burned in malicious ways. But, they know IS has them and come asking for computers to do this or that or the other. It is just plain hard to get rid of these computers since there is still a bit of life left in them.

My old office-mate Barry Buchanan was giving me a hard time in a comment on my last post, and so I thought I would cross-post one of his fine cartoons that illustrates what my team has been going through lately. You can laugh more at Barry by subscribing to his feed

IT Cartoon

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One comment on “Musical Computers and Rotating Out Old Computers
  1. Dude, thanks for the cross post. I was checking up on your blog to see if you were keeping up, I was surprised to see my toon. Even though the whole time I was reading your post I thought, wow my recent cartoon would go nicely with this post. I guess you thought the same. Thanks for humoring me along. I have high expectations for you with your blog and your new job. As much as I’m sorry to hear you are converting to Macs. 🙁 Seriously though I’m curious to see how it works out for your new church. I have never seen a big all Mac shop yet. Be honest on the results and not just a fan-boy, ok?

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