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I received an email yesterday today from Truewell which had my name and 536 others in the “To:” field, effectively exposing all their wouldbe leads to one another. I post it here as an example of the kind of simple mistake companies make before ever even getting the relationship off the ground. Also note the spelling and grammar mistakes throughout.

On Jan 30, 2006, at 3:57 PM, Robert Satrom wrote:
Hi my name is Rob Satrom and I am with TrueWell, Inc. we help ministries with websites and online communities. You had requested some information from us and I am writing you a personal email to see if you had received our automated email with that information (it sometimes goes to your junk email box)? TrueWell is a website builder and service that is really easy to use, it takes the need for technologists out and allows communicators to do what they do best.
Send me an email and tell me a little bit about you and your Ministry, I would like to hear your ministries mission and dream. Our tool has enabled thousands of communicators get there youth and congregation on the Internet with a dynamic site that allows them to not only increase communication but to delegate parts of their website to save them time.

I love technology but I hate trying to use it! This will make it very easy and quick to set up a comprehensive and public / private web community for your ministries, The way you get started to building a site and trying it out is go to Http://www.truewell.com and click on the button that says 30 day trial.

This trial is the easiest trial I have ever used, it wont require a credit card, it wont bill you when you are done, it will simply allow you to see if you like it. Most of our thousands of clients have used the free trial to totally mold, forge and polish a site customized for them. Then after the 30 days is up they are ready for their LAUNCH PARTY!!!!! Once again, please send me an email or call me about getting you started, or just about our company.

I know you all are busy and thanks for a little part of your day!


Rob Satrom





What I thought was especially funny was that one of the 537 persons did actually respond:

Not sure I would trust a company that freely gives my email address out to a few hundred people.

Use BCC next time. =)

Thanks, but please remove me from your list.


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