When churches close their doors

As an aside: This blog may end up being more of a rant page than a valuable blog
where you learn anything. Let me apologize to my two readers. Will try to do better.

So, as the two of you know, I work at a church. I love the fact I am somehow contributing to the body of Christ daily with my talents and mad skillz. It isn’t all rosey flowers however. Working for a church which has a last century governance and management model is tough on a GenX’r. How do you think the Emergent Church movement is being fueled?

A month or more ago we had a tough thing or two that happened at our church. Our Music Minister was caught in an affair with a person from another local ministry, presumably having started the flirting in IM and consumating the relationship offline. We were all devastated. Also, a boy who was at our church was taken to jail and accused of serious charges.

As a result, our aging leadership decided technology was a risk to our staff. It was stated that we need to quit instant messaging because it was childish and a waste of time. Our head pastor said his emails would be more direct and to the point and implied we would do well to do the same and get on about the business of real ministry (emphasis mine). No more fratenizing.
After some time waiting for the “revoke of previleges”, this week our IM and access to web email like yahoo, gmail, and hotmail was blocked. This came after a roll-out of an IM monitoring/polling system that seemed to be working. The accompanying email was titled “RIP IM (Instant Messaging)”, and finished with:

“…Please note using a web based client to still IM is a violation of our network policy and it will be taken serious. If you happen to know of any IM clients or sites I missed please let me know ASAP.”

I could rant for hours about this situation, but need to choose my words carefully and not grieve the Holy Spirit here or outright sin, so instead:

They (those making the decision) don’t get it and never will. New wine into old wine-skins can’t be done.

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