Where have you been?

Everywhere and nowhere is the best answer. Truth is I haven’t had much to say. Been focusing a ton of my energy on finding a big whitetail to that will bring some temporal joy.

I have gone hunting but am back for a time. Go again in a week for 24 hours of bliss. Ashley encourages this you know. She sometimes uses it as a negotiating tool, but for the most part she knows my batteries get recharged by being in the woods attempting to rule-over the earth. Not much ruling going on this year, I admit. Outsmarted every way I turned. There is a reason beautiful bucks grow old and die alone, and it is the same reason the one I wanted didn’t present a shot. We aren’t the only mammals with brains thank you very much.

Over the last few days though, more and more non-hunting things are coming to mind, so I thought I would start the rambling again. Been working pretty hard at being the dad I need to be and the husband I want to be. Also, the job isn’t what it once was. More interested in my web marketing and consulting clients than what pays most of my bills. The opportunity seems to be there to go it alone and start an interactive agency. Yes I know the stat which says 90% of small businesses fail in the first two years. Still, I have been in the top 10 percent in most everything I have done in my life, and I am thinking that with reliance on a higher power I might could make it. More reflections to come as I work through things.

Thanks for your patience as I get back in the habit of writing and telling my stories. Feel free to comment or even send traffic back to your own site with a powerfully satirical comment.

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